New Girl on the Block: Celestia

During the episode 9 shoot back in July we managed to get a brief sit down with our newest actress Aisling who plays the role of Celestia. She did a wonderful job ‘waving a stick about’ as anyone who has seen her in action will testify. To check it out fully….


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James Roman Interview

Ooh it’s getting close to the finale… here is an interview with Jon who plays James Roman, the more recently introduced but perfectly vindictive sibling of John/Rain:

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Training Room Retrospective have just done a retrospective look at our completed Training Room series from 1-18. I should point out to people who are thinking of buying but haven’t yet that it does contain spoilers.


I can’t say I agree with everything that is said there but it is interesting to get another point of view.

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Angel Interview Part 2!!

Here it is as promised. Some lovely insights into what she thought of making the individual films she was in. I think she enjoyed it… hope so.

Remember to check out and subscribe to for new videos. It will be our main channel from now on.

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What’s Goin’ On?

I thought I would write a little note about what is happening to this blog. It’s not really been updated because we are going to roll back into a single blog when we open the new site. That blog will actually be attached to the site itself rather than in an annoying separate area and it will be quite discussion based. We will still upload some Behind the Scenes content there and on the applicable YouTube channel:

So now you know. It won’t be too much longer until all of that happens but I can’t give an exact date. It is work in progress, we are very pleased with how it is looking but it won’t be rushed, for your benefit in the long run as well as ours.

Oh did you see this yet?

The sequel to Part 1 of Angel’s interview will be out tomorrow.

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Bluebird Interview

At one of our recent, but not very recent shoots, we chatted to Claire who plays Bluebird in the Training Room films and she told us lots of things about the time she has playing the character. Oh yes, we’ve got a new video out this weekend as well.

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Episode 7 OUT NOW: Powerstar Interview

It’s finally here! The release of the long, long, awaited Episode 7. It took a very long time to make but hopefully you all enjoy it.

In the last of our Episode 7 interviews we talk to Powerstar about her long running involvement with NGC.

To Download the HD version plus Danny Ryans cover art go here:

To Download the standard definition version go here:

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